Commit 35594d0f authored by Troy A. Griffitts's avatar Troy A. Griffitts

Updated sl locale. Thank you Marjan Šavli!

parent 03f7c5d0
......@@ -176,9 +176,11 @@ Downloading=Prenašanje
Total Progress:=Skupni napredek
Green Light=Green Svetla
Green Dark=Green Temna
Green Dark=Temno zelena
Green Light=Svetlo zelena
Brown Dark=Temno rjava
Brown Light=Svetlo rjava
Stone Blue Dark=Temno modra
Stone Blue Light=Svetlo modra
No Installation Sources Known. Pressto Discover.=Ni znanih nobenih namestitvenih virov. Pritisniteza iskanje.
Discover=↻ Iskanje
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