Commit fb1403ef authored by lafricain79's avatar lafricain79

Minor correction Fr locale

parent 267b8877
......@@ -147,6 +147,6 @@ Show Gospel Parallels=Montrer les Évangiles parallèles
# First Active means that the first Bible selected in the 3 display dropdowns which has language data will be used.
# This choice says, "I don't wish to choose a specific Bible, just use the first one I am currently diplaying which has the ability."
First Active=Premier choix
Nothing to display.=Rien n'a afficher.
Nothing to display.=Rien a afficher.
No Modules Installed=Aucun module installer
No Modules Available. Try pressing the [↻] button.=Aucun module disponible. Essayez d'appuyer sur le bouton [↻]
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